How come if you send 2 email to one person both within a second the IMAP server can mix up the order in witch the emails were sent.


It may not be the imap server. Only way to tell for sure is by comparing the full headers.

Email, when it’s sent, is not sent as a whole file. It’s sent in pieces, goes thru a mail server or two as pieces, and arrives at it’s destination in pieces. So if a piece is delayed, it will delay the whole email until the whole email can be delivered. That could be why the order gets skewed.

I’m trying to set up a Gmail account on my dads new Samsung Galaxy and it’s asking me to choose between POP3, IMAP or Exchange. What are these and which one am I supposed to use?? I am horribly confused!


These are different mail protocols.

Ignore Exchange, that’s for MS Exchange servers, usually used on business accounts for large companies.

Between POP3 and IMAP, it’s personal preference. POP3 will download a copy of the message to your phone and then “lets it free”; you can do what you want to the phone copy and other than deleting it, it wont’ affect the original.

IMAP interacts with the original copy on GMail’s servers.

For example, if you move a POP3 message to a “Old Mail” folder, it’ll only move the message on your phone. If you do it on an IMAP connection, it will move it to the same folder/label on GMail itself.

Gmail IMAP contains a Trash folder and a IMAP/Trash folder. It seems the the IMAP/Trash is the current trash which Thunderbird deletes upon exit and the Trash folder is every email for the past 30 days. It this correct?


Well if you would like to delete something right away and you wanted to be gone immedietly you put it on the IMAP/TRASH if you don’t care when it dissapears then you set it on the other trash. For example if you just took a bunch of pictures in the nude and some you didn’t like or you a video having sex with somebody and you know that it was not the brightest of ideas then you put the trash in the IMAP/TRASH. I hope this makes sence.

I am looking to set up an IMAP server for my pop email accounts. I would like to find a complete walkthrough for setting up some kind of server for this purpose running OSX (preferably). Any links to sites detailing this or your own walkthrough is greatly welcomed. Thanks.


Depending on how someone interprets your question, it is either not possible, or not practical.

What you’re asking literally is how to set up a server to communicate to a server. This isn’t very practical, because if you were setting up your own server for email, it would make more sense to go ahead and host the mail client on your own server, instead of using a third-party mail client. You would have to have an always-on machine, as well as a static IP from your ISP.

What you’re most likely asking (but using the wrong terminology) is that you want to take advantage of IMAP syncing with a POP3 account. This isn’t possible, because the mail client has to provide this functionality.

You would be better off just getting a free gmail account, or MobileMe if you wanted PUSH on your mobile device. Both can use IMAP.

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